In short, I am a freelance web and print designer with development thrown in for good measure.

18 years industry experience working for a collection of agencies and also some rather prestigious clients.

Providing a cost effective solution that is highly competitive to the market, where I can fill a seat in an agency or support a client both on or off site is my niche.

Flexibility is the key and with a varied and mixed skill set across print and web design, including frontend and backend development I can supply and support any project.

With Prince2 Project Management accreditation, I can also ensure your project will meet its milestone of completion through a rigid and compliant process.


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Creating an online presence that falls inline with your current marketing or brand guidelines is critical. Your website is your businesses online face, and the look and feel of your website needs to be consistent with your companies ethos, while also remaining engaging and visually stimulating to the user.

With a solid history of designing websites that are fluid for both desktop and mobile devices, it is our objective to create a design for you that truly exceeds yours and your users expectations. While also ensuring content remains engaging and the site is clearly functional with a solid blend of UX / UI and pin sharp design.



Someone once said to me not so long ago, print is dead! Thats a bold statement, but its not true. There will always be a place for print, be it a brochure you may hand out at an exhibition or a menu on your restaurants table. There will always be a need for a plethora of printed material.

With a solid track record of creating large 300+ page catalogues to smaller generic stationary to large format vehicle livery to even larger exhibition stands, we can provide you with the excellent quality that you would expect from your printed material.



Your brand speaks volumes. While it has to remain unique to you and your current business model, it also needs to be instant and engaging. A good brand is not just about a name or label, its an icon. A beacon for your organisation which would ideally only have to be digested by the eye once.

A second look from a user should not require re-reading the text or trying to understand the complexity of an illustration. It needs to be immediate and instantly recognisable. Your brand also needs to be versatile in the sense that it just works wherever you place it, on a vehicle, on a cup, a notepad, a brochure, social media or even on a building.



User experience (UX) & user interface (UI) are critical components in any functional design. The application of these disciplines are critical in the creative process when applied to web or app design. UX dictates how a user can complete a journey or a task using your site or app with ease and fluidity. UI are the components the user interacts with to complete tasks.

An example of UX is how a user may for example, enter your site, find a product they desire quickly, and be able to complete a call to action to communicate with you, such as complete an enquiry form, or purchase a product. The UI would be the application of imagery, visible and clear content, plus functional elements such as buttons, navigable arrows, expanding content areas or pop up modals of content.



When it comes to the development of websites specifically, the market is an ever changing arena of technology and view ports, such as smart phones and tablets. Therefore the development of any site, begins with the consideration of mobile first, ensuring your website is responsive and fast so it serves the content to your user quickly and efficiently.

Using a blend of PHP / HTML / CSS / JS, websites can be built using one of many content management systems, including Wordpress and Drupal. In addition the application of e-commerce can turn your website into a fully functioning sales engine.



Crafting illustrations that are meaningful and energetic takes time, and must be done with consideration. Illustrations are typically created in support of the branding process where it may be required that you use something illustrative to support the company name, but with a striking visual representation to support your companies key factors.

Illustrations, when created correctly, use a system of points and curves. Very different to an image that is bitmapped which is basically a series of coloured squares that build an image, like coloured tiles. Illustrations need to use points and paths to ensure the imagery is scalable. For example, a correctly illustrated vector graphic can expand in size infinitely and would be used on large format printing or possible on the side of a vehicle.



If you and your organisation frequently attend exhibitions to promote your services, you really want to stand out! Your exhibition stand needs to have impact, but also needs clarity to ensure your visitors can clearly see you mean business through the use of large format print work, or VDUs showcasing product videos.

That said, the process of creating an exhibition stand needs to be mindful of both costs, and structural achievement while delivering a visual message and ensuring visitors are given the WOW factor through carefully created spaces and displays of the highest quality.



Social media can be a minefield! The number of channels available to support and grow your business is vast. With specific focus on using key channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Youtube. Each one has its own guidelines on how to apply your own visual energy.

It is becoming quite apparent that social media is playing a huge role in ensuring potential customers or traffic to your site or business is coming through social media. Its evident that a huge number of people use this technology, so is therefore hugely important that your organisation falls in line and benefits from the social channels to help promote and market your business.



Having a website that you can’t edit is so infuriating! A CMS (content management system) can help you to get control of your website and the content that appears on it. If you want to keep on top of ensuring your website is kept up to date with fresh content, products or news, then a CMS will be a valuable asset.

If you already have a CMS that you find unwieldy, or simply struggle to get to grips with the language thats used or just where to find stuff, then get in touch to discuss possible training on your current CMS or maybe you would like a new site with further functionality that you have complete control over.



Working with both creative agencies and direct with clients alike